Westwood Facade Replacement Project

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Construction has just been completed for the FKA-designed Facade Replacement Project at Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School.

This project was identified in the District’s Long Range Facility Plan prepared by FKA nearly 10 years ago.  At the time, funding was not available to take on a project of this magnitude.  After careful planning and budgeting over the years, FKA and WWRSD were able to apply for an NJSDA ROD grant to provide 40% of the needed funding for this project.  The project completely replaced the existing crumbling concrete panel façade system at the two-story wing of Westwood Regional Jr./Sr. High School with a new aluminum and glass facade system, featuring a terra cotta base and accent walls.

The new design implements solar-controlled glazing, spandrel glass, and increased insulation to optimize the thermal performance of the building, making it 7 times more energy efficient.  The complete mechanical system of this wing was also replaced with a new energy-efficient system which will also provide air conditioning.  The complete roof over this section was replaced.

FKA selected a curtainwall facade system due to the speed of construction and the need for the on-site portion of this project to be successfully completed over a 10-week summer.  The curtainwall, glass, and terra cotta panel systems for this project were all pre-fabricated off-site in order to be ready for installation at the beginning of the summer.